Thursday, April 19, 2007

things that make me happy, #2

Work makes me happy. Sometimes.

I have the joy of having one of those jobs that give people something that they want, it's a bit of a luxury, and it's often something that they feel is out of reach.

So, when I deliver a set of curtains and hang it, the satisfaction of a clients happy face is worth all the stress that my job also gives me. I can transform a room in a few short hours. Usually the client and I have chosen a style together, then they've gone shopping for just the right fabric. Then I make their curtains. It takes me a long time - I have a lot of curtains to make - so sometimes they've even forgotten what their fabric looks like (!) and so they have a pleasant surprise. And then, I put it all together. What a joy.

Sometimes, things go wrong, the curtains need to come back to my workroom for a little tweaking. Disappointing, but the nature of the business, I think. Only rarely, is there a client who in entirely unhappy. In fact, I can count them on one hand, in eight years of doing this. It breaks my heart when that happens, and it breaks my spirit some, too, because what I do is also who I am.

But, when someone grins and tells me how much they love their curtains, my heart is lifted, and I love my job.

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