Saturday, April 28, 2007

there's something in the air at WalMart

It makes children crazy. They act in ways they act in no other place but Wal-Mart. I think they pump it in, so that parents will fill their cart with candy and toys and junk food and other ridiculousness that was not on their list when they walked in the store, just so their children will shut up.

We needed a few things - famous last words, right? - so we went to Wal-Mart. The brand-spankin-new-even-I-probably-won't-get-a-cart-with-a-wobbly-wheel new one. They must have really upped their usage of the crazy gas they pump in there, because my children were at an all new level of crazy.

Fortunately, we've moved past the tantrum effects of the crazy gas and onto the "put on a show for all the people within 100 feet of us" stage. Cue the wild giggles, the crazy antics, falling down on the filthy floor, where I'm sure vomit was just cleaned up from, strange sound effects and beating ourselves on the head (them, not me, though I considered it). Oh, and burping. That's the newest one. They're almost old enough where I can walk away and pretend I don't know them and give them dirty "where are you're parents, and what planet are they from?" looks. But not old enough yet. However, they HAVE discovered that the more they yell "hey, mom, hey, mom, look at me" that it's really funny to watch mom turn every shade of red and then purple.

My mom always said that it was a mother's job to embarass their children. Clearly my children didn't get *that* memo.

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