Thursday, April 12, 2007


He only does it when he's tired. Really tired. But then, about an hour after he falls asleep, he's shouting and hollering and wandering aimlessly up and down the hall, sometimes down the stairs. He hollers for me, sometimes he goes to the bathroom, but he's always so confused. And hard to console.

I hate it. He's just so not himself, even though they are his eyes looking at me, and his sweet trusting face, looking to mine for consolation. He's a bright boy, but when he's sleepwalking, he's not. He's confused, doesn't understand me and he needs to be treated so differently.

Once I get him back into his bed, he always calms when he's wrapped in his blanket. His breaths slow down, he stops crying. And he never remembers in the morning. He thinks I'm joking, but then says he thinks it's cool that he walks around when he's asleep. Yeah, they'll think it's cool when he's in college and they can make him do crazy stuff in the dorms. I can't wait.

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