Tuesday, April 24, 2007

on the use of boobs

Why is it that no one ever tells you how hard it is to breastfeed your baby? All you ever see is these moms who've been doing it a while and can do it with their eyes closed or in the dark (or both - been there! done that!). One never sees the beginning. The cracks, the pain, the bleeding, the general misery, and the crying. Oh the crying. Sometimes you can get the whole room crying.

I remember one friend, when she first tried, would warn the whole room. "I'm about to start. I will probably have my whole shirt off before I'm finished. Leave now, if you can't handle it."

It's a mess. There's far too much boob, far too much milk and a little tiny baby. It hurts. I remember crying every time my little girl would latch on. I dreaded it.

So many moms quit right when it really gets easy, about six weeks. Oh, no, I want to say, don't stop now, this is the reward for all the work! No bottle to wash! No formula to mix! The baby will start sleeping through the night soon! Don't stop now - you've done all that work for nothing if you stop now!

I hate how easy the hospitals make it to quit - the ones here stress moms out SO much about the baby's weight gain that many moms start supplementing right away, which make it so easy to quit. Not to worry - the baby will gain plenty! I took a tiny six-pounder to twenty pounds in just four months!! It can be done!!

The formula companies send you formula "just in case" which means, "when you get too fed up, we'll make it easy for you to quit!"

It's so hard at first. But it's so easy, once you get the hang of it. And your baby gets the hang of it. I was so unprepared when I started - I was so sure it was going to be easy. In fact, I never worried about how I was going to feed my baby. I just assumed I could and I would and went from there. I guess maybe I should have asked.

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