Tuesday, April 17, 2007

on the surface

I've found that tears seem to be close to the surface today. I know it's just because I've been torturing myself, watching the news, hoping, in some sick way, that if I take on a teensy tiny bit of the pain that people at Virginia Tech are feeling, it will transfer to me and it won't hurt as bad for them - because they have so much, can't they just transfer just a little to me?

Anyhow, I found myself tearing up while watching the convocation, later when talking with a friend about it, again later when talking with my husband about it. I found myself welling up when I went to go pick up little ones from school, knowing that there were others who couldn't hug their children, even though they aren't little anymore. Heck, I found myself trying not to cry while watching dancing with the stars, and I'm trying not to now.

They used to call me waterworks. No one can cry alone, when I'm around. I'm always game to join in. Not even on TV - they cry and I'm right there with them. It's a gift, I tell you.

I'll have to think of brighter things, in between prayers. Like, maybe, my tiny crush on Jimmy Kimmel.

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