Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Laundry Fairy

There's a laundry fairy that comes to my childrens' bedrooms at night and deposits clean clothes in their drawers and closets. It's no secret that I'm the laundry fairy, and sometimes it's my husband, though he strenuously objects to any name including the word "fairy" being ascribed to him.

Recently, though, the laundry fairy's been a little bit slacker-ish, and so the children have been invited to the laundry fairy's lair to find their clothes, which they think is hysterical. In fact, one morning, the eldest was directed to the lair, and the middle one was VERY angry that her clothing had been brought to her and decided that she WOULD NOT wear those clothes that day, that she needed something else that was not in her bedroom. So she giggled down to the lair.

Unfortunately, the lair is also where I sleep, so the clothing has to be removed every evening before bed, deposited back into the baskets on the floor, then in the morning they are thrown back on to the bed. I've used more energy moving the laundry than I would have had I just folded the darn stuff in the first place. And now, I'm on another round of laundry, not having put away the first round. Oh, I hate being behind on laundry.

Now, if only I could find a toilet scrubbing fairy. 'Cause Lord knows I'm not it.

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