Thursday, April 26, 2007

Four reasons I'd never have a cleaning lady

1. If I have to get the house tidy enough to be able to clean, I'm going to go that last mile and take the credit. Cleaning up all the clutter is like 75% of the work in this joint. I'd hate to do 3/4 of the work and then let someone else have all the glory.

2. I knew that I'd been known to say to my son, "watch what you're doing when you pee!" "don't look at me while you pee!" and "just where do you think the toilet is, young man?" But wow. Far too embarrassed to let anyone else see that. I'd have to clean it first, before she came.

3. It is on my list of jobs that I'd like to do, right after scooping elephant poo and scouring garbage dumpsters. I couldn't ask someone else to do a job that I would rather live in a box than do.

4. I'm just too cheap. Let's be honest - that's the real reason. At least the only one that I would have the hardest time getting over.

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