Saturday, April 28, 2007

board games

The best part about playing board games with my kids is that after you've played a round or two, they are tired of playing with it the proper way and make up new games with the pieces.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've played "Life" with my kids, but they've gotten hours of entertainment from that game. They play, they pretend, my daughter has a carload of baby girls, they could go on for hours. They do go on for hours.

This morning, we played chess, because I'm a proper suburban mother who forces "smart-y" games down her children's throats, and after one round, where my opponent *claimed* to have forgotten that you have to say "check" when you're about to cream someone's king, the kids decided that they wanted to play together. So completely fine by me. They gathered up all the chess pieces and the checkers/backgammon pieces from the world's cheapest set ever made and played and played and played.

This is how it goes, everytime we get out board games, until one of them decides to kill the other one off, then there's mutiny and arguing and fighting and I tell them to go outside and play before I make them play me in Blink.

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