Wednesday, April 25, 2007

because I've always wanted to win something

I've never played the lottery, and I'm not one to enter drawings, because I'm always just so sure I'll never win. Just.not.a.gambler.

But this one intrigued me - it's not something for nothing, I have to work for it! And it's one of my favorite blogs. Ever.

At the simple dollar he's giving away books. I love books. But, I need to tell you about a particular post of his that I liked and evoked a response from me. There were several to choose from, but my favorite was this:

The Money-Free Weekend

So, Trent, here goes. Forgive my inability to write.

When we were younger, we used to go on "no spending sprees" where we would only spend money absolutely necessary, usually when I was feeling poor. No, books weren't necessary, nor were shoes, clothing or craft projects. We'd go for a month or more, and when I thought of something that I really wanted, or would have ordinarily purchased without much thought, I'd write it on a list on the fridge. And usually, when the spree was over, I'd find that I didn't really want most of the things on the list. We did it several times, over the space of a couple of years.

I love the idea of not spending any money for an entire weekend. I love what it would teach my children. We could go hiking and bring a picnic, or for a bike ride, or play board games. We could cook together, using things that we already have, with the kids helping to plan the meal, with the only requirement being that they had to use what we already had in the house. We could work in the yard, because Lord knows, it could use some work. Library. Oh, the ideas keep coming!

What I like most about the idea is that all of the plans for this type of weekend involve time spent together as a family. Not going off and doing our own thing, not shopping or running never-ending errands that make me crabby. The errands can wait, or be skipped. We won't get time with our children back, and it can't be done another day. They are growing, fast (you should see their pants, all about three inches too short) and we won't get the time back.

But maybe we'll start on a weekend Dad's working. He'd be grouchy if he couldn't go out for lunch after church.

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