Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bad weather

I hate bad weather in Texas. Not for the reasons you think. Mostly because of the news coverage. Honestly, they'll go on and on about which streets they suspect are being hit by a tornado at that moment. THOSE PEOPLE AREN'T WATCHING. THEY ARE HIDING IN A CLOSET. Seriously. Let me watch Dancing with the Stars.

We used to yell at the TV, when they'd interrupt NYPD Blue. I mean yell. Our roof could have been torn off our house, and we'd still be watching it. We wouldn't have moved. I promise. But yet, there was always bad weather on Tuesday nights. It never failed.

And, once the storm is over, they'll go on and on with stories from people who are so stunned they can't speak, because they are busy living the worst day of their lives. And with the pictures of flooding. Okay, we get it. Move on.

But, on a positive note, my vegetables are thoroughly watered. Thoroughly.

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